What is welding and Type of Welding Gas welding

What is welding and its type
What is welding
What is welding 
Welding is used everywhere these days, whether it is a small device or a large aircraft.
When two or more metals are bonded together or a compound of a metal is added,
So welding is always used when the definition of welding is as follows
Welding two metals to a third metal by heating to extreme temperatures is called welding.
However the same type of welding cannot be used for all metals.
Therefore different types of welding are used for different metals and at different locations.
 In general, welding is of two types: arc welding and gas welding. It is explained in detail below.
1. Arc Welding
Arc welding in Hindi: With this type of welding, the arc is melted at the welding point between the electrode and the base material,
So that the arc melts to the welding point and then cools the metal melt. Be strong.
ARC is a hit to start welding. There are two ways to beat ARC.
The first way is to create scratches. This is the first ARC scratch like a match and welding. The second method is tap start,
In which the electrode is tapped at the welding point. The TAP is carried out and weldingis initiated until the electrode aligns to the bottom.
ARC Welding Machine
Welding requires a welding transformer. This transformer converts a high voltage low amp input current into a low voltage and a high amp current.
And provides alternating current for welding. A motor generator is also required. It is used for welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Joint type
Hindi Weld Type: The welding method is based on each object. It is connected somewhere on some items
And placed together on some objects somewhere, so that all connections are different on each object.
The same connection is used for the type of connection that is required. If the corners of objects are to be included,
So a corner joint is used, there are many other types of welded joints.
Butt Joint Overlap Joint Tee Connection Edge Edge Connection Corner Connection
Gas welding
Gas welding: Gas welding is a very important weldingprocess in which gas is burnt with the help of oxygen.
And the filler material is melted at high temperature with the help of a concentrated fire and applied to the weldingpoint.
It melts and settles automatically at the marriage point.
Gas welding equipment
The following devices and accessories are used in gas welding.
  •    Oxygen Bottle
  •    Acetylene Cylinder
  •    Cylinder Distributors
  •    Hydraulic Back Pressure Valve
  •    Flashback Arrester
  •    Gas Cleaner
  •    Safety Valve
  •    Pressure Regulator or Gas Regulator
  •    hose line
  •    Weld the flashlight or blow
  •    Lighter or detonator
  •    Cylinder Cart
Connecting torch
The most important part of gas welding is the welding torch, when the welding torch comes in and connects to another
And two valves are connected to a weldingtorch, which is also used to control its pressure.
After the welding torch fires, it comes out of its nozzle and is applied to the welding plate.
The size of the welding torch nozzle depends on the welding plate and material
Oxygen bottle
Sufficient oxygen is required to ignite the fuel,
Therefore oxygen cylinders are used to run more engines whenever necessary.
More oxygen can be supplied. And the oxygen bottle is always black
Fuel gas bottle
Gas bottles are mostly filled with oxacetylene gas, hydrogen gas, natural gas or any other flammable gas.
This gas depends on the welding material, what type of welding material is used,
But most oxytetylene gas is used. This cylinder is painted in auspicious color
pressure regulator
Oxygen and fuel gas bottles contain very high pressure gas.
However, such high pressure is not required for welding.
To control this pressure, a pressure regulator is placed on it so that we can weld with the pressure we need.
Welding requires about 70 – 130 kN / m2 oxygen pressure and 7 – 103 kN / m2 gas.
Gas welding work
Gas welding is like arc welding, only the devices are used separately. Before starting gas welding,
Connect the gas bottle and oxygen bottle well and also check the press regulator.
Open the pressure regulator as needed and then light a fire with the striker next to it. Now the flame is made of natural flame or welding
Set the flame or oxidized flame depending on the situation. And start welding.
Safety precautions for gas welding
The following safety precautions should be taken when welding gas.
   1. Flammable objects when gas welding; Such as matches, petrol. Do not hold it together.
   2. Open the gas bottle with the cylinder key.
Award for Welding Machine in India
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