What is SEO and how to do search engine optimization?

What is SEO?
Why SEO is necessary for a blog: This question often remains in everyone’s mind, most of the bloggers, who have just started a blog, are very nervous. What is SEO? First of all, it is important to know what the full name of SEO is.
The full name of SEO is: search engine optimization, which we call SEO in today’s digital time if you have to come in front of people.
In such a the situation, you have only one way and that is online only you can go online where you can be present with millions of people simultaneously.
Here you can present yourself through the video or you can reach out to people through your contacts.
But to do this, you have to come to the first page of search engine optimization, due to this, those pages which visitors will like more than ever, will also trust you.
But to reach here, this is not an easy task because for this you have to properly optimize the articles of your blog so that it can be ranked in the search engine and this is what we call SEO.
Today, in this article, we will get information on what we call SEO today and how to do it, for this you will have to read the article completely. If you are ready, then let’s start.
If we say bloggingis the life of the SEO, because if you write an article on your blog and no matter how well it is written but your ARTICLE is not SEO, then your article will not be ranked properly.
In such the situation, traffic will come on your website and the hard work of the waiters will be wasted if you are serious about blogging.
Then you need to know about SEO TUTORIAL, it will be very useful for you in the coming time, there will be no such rule of SEO but GOOGLE is based on ALGORITHMSand it is constantly moving.
If someone tells you that he is a very big SEO expert, then never believe him, because to date no one has been born who can rule the SEO.
Seo keeps increasing with time like if you have any property, you have only your right at this time, in the coming time your children will have the right then it will be divided into 2 to 4 parts, similarly, the competition increases with time. is.
There are some FUNDAMENTALS of Google SEO GUIDE which keeps changing over time. This is why it is important that the blogger always keeps himself working with the SEO technique.
With which trends are going on in the market, it should be known that whenever you write articles, it is necessary to change it so that it can be ranked.
Today we are going to give you complete information about SEO, what is SEO body? In the last article, we knew how to earn money by working from home? Blogging is also a platform from which you can earn money by staying at home online and you can also take the part-time and full time.
In order to have a successful home in blogging career, it is very important to SEO today, we will know why search engine optimization is necessary for the blog.
What is SEO?
What is seo
What is SEO
Seo full name is search engine optimization, this is such a technique that we bring our blog page to the top page in the search engine. What is SEO? Everyone knows that in this world, popular people all like search engine from Google.
If we talk about more search engines like BING, YAHOO, then with the help of SEO, we can keep our blog page at the top position in all search engines.
If we go to Google and search by typing any keyword, at the same time all the content related to that keyword comes, it shows all the Google, all the content that we see are from different websites.
As we see the result at the top, it is ranked No.1 in Google, that means that SEO has been used in a very good way on that blog page, due to which a lot of visitors get to that article. It feels good.
Seo puts our blog page at the top of Google search. Internet USERS first visit your blog, which brings more traffic to your blog than it is very important to do SEO for the organic traffic lane on the blog page.
Why is a SEO blog necessary?
Now that you have known SEO. Now know that in order to reach the people of the blog website, we do the goods of SEO.
Why is a SEO blog necessary
Why is an SEO blog necessary

If we have created a website for ourselves and published a good high-quality contentin it, but if we have not used SEO, then our website will not be able to reach the logo and our money will be lost.
No use of SEO or in such a situation, if a USER searches any keyword, then the website will not be able to deny access to your website because of the search the engine will not be able to find our site, which makes the traffic in our website equal.
It is very easy to understand SEO if you have learned SEO, then you can make your blog beautiful with the right cover. And its value can hinder the search engine.
When we learn SEO, use it for your blog, its result is not visible immediately, for this you will have to be patient and keep doing your work because the patient is already running, the fruit of the patience is sweet. It will start to appear.
IMPORTANCE of search engine optimization.
Most search engines are used on the Internet, which gives them answers to their questions. When someone searches, it is also the top page and clicking on it visits the blog, in such a way that if the SEO of your page is done correctly then your article will also appear.
So not only shows the identity of good practices for the search engine and helps in increasing the user’s experience as well as helps in increasing the usability of the blog.
Whatever people search on the internet, more and more users trust the top results only, due to which traffic along with trust on that website increases, SEO is very important.
Being on SEO a website increases social promotion because when people visit your website, a lot of people definitely share your website posts on accounts like social media.
Seo helps a lot in increasing traffic to the website.
If one of the two websites are yours, then the person whose SEO is optimized pulls the people further, which increases their sales and the other websites are left behind.
Seo how many people are there?
SEO consists of two crossers, on-page SEO and off-page SEO, they both do their different work, let’s know about both of them.
1) On-page SEO
2) Off-page SEO
3)  Local SEO
1) On-page SEO
On-page SEO: This means designing the website properly which can be SEO friendly.
Following SEO, using the template well on the website, writing OA good content, using good keywords in it is the best search in the search engine.
Use keywords in the right place in the page: like title meta description, it is very important to use keywords in content, this makes it easy for Google to know which topic your article is written on which makes your website rank in Google and blog But traffic increases.
How to do SEO on-page?
Here we will learn about some ways with which we will be able to make our blog website on page SEO properly.
1) How to increase website speed?
Website speed is a very big role, if you see it through SEO, then the visitor stays on a blog for more than 5 to 6 seconds.
If this page does not open within 5 or 6 seconds then leave it and run on another website, in such a way, if your blog does not open soon, then Google gets a negative signal, the blog is not as good as it is, it does not open as fast as possible. Speed ​​up
Use the tips given below to increase speed.
1. Choose as simple as possible
2. Do not use more plugins as much as possible.
3. Use w3 total cache and wp plugins as much as possible.
4. In the article, keep the size of the image as small, which will affect the speed.
2) How to do website navigation?
It should be easy to get to another page of your website so that no visitor and Google will face any problem.
3) What is a title tag?
There is a huge roll of a title tag in the website so that any visitor can find it and visit the site and click, which will also increase the ctr.
How to create a title: In a post, the title should not always be more than 75 words, in this case, Google does not show the title tag in Google search after 75 words.
What is a post URL on how to write?
Always write the post URL as simple and short as SEO-tips.
5. What is an internal link?
To rank the post and to make it better, interlinking your delimited pages with each other so that your second page will also be easily ranked.
6. What is the alt tag?
While writing a website post, do not forget to use the image in your post, as well as do not forget to put alt tag in the image, this will increase the traffic on your website.
4) What is content heading and keywords?
Everyone knows about the content, this is a very important topic because the content is considered the king of blogging, the better your content is, the better your website will be the value, that’s why to write the content of at least 750 words.
In which you can give complete information and everything should be your own as soon as it is good for the SEO, do not be copied from any other website.
What is Heading: Take special care of heading in the article, this makes a lot of difference in SEO. The article contains the title h1, followed by Subheadings, you also call h2, h3. In which you use keywords.
What is a keyword?
keyword: Use the LSI keyword while writing an article so that searches can be easily linked with it. Bold any important keyword with it so that it is easily visible to the visitor as well as Google will know.
2. What is the off-page SEO?
The work of off-page SEO is outside of the blog. Off-page SEO has to promote one blog, like going to many popular blogs and commenting on articles, submitting a link to your website, which we call backlink would be of great benefit. is.
Create pages on websitessuch as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and increase your followers, you can increase traffic by sharing your website links.
Guest how to post?
Submit a guest post on the popular website, this will bring visitors to their blog to your website and traffic will increase.
How to SEO off-page?
Off-page SEO If I can tell you in my own way, then sharing off-page SEO happens.
Search engine submission: Submit your site to
Bookmarking: Submit the page post of your website to a bookmarking website.
Directory submission: Submit the blog to a directory of popular high pr.
Social Media: Create a profile of the blog page on social media and link the two to each other.
Classified Submission: Freely advertise by going to the free classifieds website.
On the Q & A site: You can give a link to the blog by answering questions.
Blog commenting: Go to your blog related and comment on your blog link, which will give you a backlink
Pin:Post the website post on Pinterest, there is very good traffic from here.
3. What is the local SEO?
What happens to local SEO, if I have to make my statements then keeping in mind the local audience is called local SEO.
In which the website is optimized at a particular level, which is better saved on the search engine. With the help of a website, you can target the entire Internet, for this you need to do local SEO.
In this, we have to optimize, in which you can also optimize address details along with your city, so that people can know you not only online but also offline.
Understand local SEO quotes
Suppose if you have a business in your local, a lot of people come to it if you optimize your website in it, then you will be able to reach it easily in real life.
In such a the situation, you can target the local people, in which case SEO is called local SEO.
What is the difference between SEO and internet marketing?
A lot of people are very upset about SEO and internet marketing. Everyone feels that SEO and internet, marketing is the same, SEO is a tool and SEO works on internet marketing, it becomes beautiful.
What is the difference between SEO and sem?
Seo and sem is inside that SEO is an important part and know in detail about sem.
Search engine optimizationis a process whereby the blogger optimizes his blog website so that he can rank the article of the blog in the search engine and from there can bring free traffic to the website.
Sem search engine marketing This is the marketing process through which the blog becomes more visually accessible in the search engine, which attracts free and paid traffic to your website.
The work of SEO is to optimize the blog website properly so that you can get better ranking in the search engine and from sem you can get more jiggle than SEO because it is not limited to free traffic only, but other Methods are also included which can lead to more PPC advertising.
Information about SEO?
If you have a blog then basic SEO everyone will know how basic SEO works but not everyone knows anything that is basic SEO, let’s know.
Backlink: Also called simply a link, it is a hyperlink, it is made from another website, which points towards your website.
This is very important in the view of backlink SEO, it directly influences the search ranking of any webpage.
Page rank: is an algorithm that Google uses if it is estimated that the cone contains the web page relative input pages.
Anchor text: Backlink has text like anchor text. Your keyword is current, it also helps you a lot in terms of SEO.
Meta tag: Using the title tag, the search engine knows what is in the content on your page.
Search algorithm: With the help of Google search algorithm, you can find out that there are around 200algorithms working on the web page from the Internet to the cone.
Serp:is the full form search engine results page, it shows only those pages which are relevant only from the Google search engine.
Keyword density: It shows how many times a keyword article has been used.
Keyword stuffing: This is very important from the perspective of keyword density SEO, but if a keyword is used too much, it will be called keyword stuffing. We also call it negative SEO. There is no use for the blog.
Robots.text: This is a file that is placed at the root of the domain, using it to notify the search bots is called website structure.
What is organic and inorganic?
serp search engine result page These are two folded listings. organic and inorganic.
For the inorganic listing, we pay money to Google, that is, we have to pay money for this.
Organic listing is completely free, so we can come to Google’s favourite page without spending any money, for this we have to SEO.
Hopefully, you would have understood that the SEO has happened, if there is any doubt in your mind about the inferior SEO, then you can comment us below.



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