The Xiammy Mi8 Leak Render gives a look at its front end rear design, but looks fake

Xiamami is estimated to be the first 8th anniversary edition of the Jimmy Mi8 smartphone, with rumoured rumours for the first time on May 31 with the Xiamen MI7 and Mi Band 3. Today, some new presenters of the Mi8 phone have appeared on SlashLike.
As seen in the submission given below, there are vertical double back cameras on the back of the phone. The front view of the phone shows that it has a broader footing in the upper part of the screen. The bottom is slightly thicker while the side bezels are very thin. The image also shows that the alleged MI8 does not have a fingerprint reader, which indicates that it can be equipped with an under-display fingerprint.

So, what is your opinion on the authenticity of the image? It appears to be fake because the lock screen clearly states that it does not have MIUI from Xiamen, but the Fun Touch OS is from Vivo. Therefore, the image appears to be a Photoshop version of Vivo X21. Although the above render appears to be fake, many reports have shown that by the end of this month, the Xiamen MI 8 smartphone can start. It is expected to come in the form of the first Android phone with the 3D facial recognition feature.

Since Mi8 is expected to carry support for 3D face scanning, it is rumoured to pack it with several components such as an earpiece, selfie camera, microphone, ambient sensor, proximity sensor, flood illuminator and dot projector. Mi-8’s 3D face recognition feature can be upgraded as an iPhone X, which includes identical components for face ID face detection.
The previous leaks suggested that Xiamy would launch a large size Mi7 Plus with MI 7. It is now being speculated that Mi7 Plus can be re-branded as the Giambi MI 8 for the 8th anniversary of the company. Some reports have claimed that it can be called Xiammy Mi 8th Anniversary Edition Phone. A recent report published on GizmoChina a few weeks ago shows that MI7 can play a display design and it will be a small device compared to MI8. Some rumours of both the phones have the usual features: the OLED display, Snapdragon 845, 8 GB RAM and wireless charging.


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