How To Start A Blog With No Money

We always think that we also have the most money, but until you do nothing, where will the money come from, you all are left behind because it is necessary

to work with hard work as well as mind if you have a little mind And if you find the right way,

Then your life will come out if you start blogging, then I can guarantee that you will earn so much money every month that you There will not be any thought in life

Because of this website of Google gives you a chance to show your skill so that you can earn a lot of money from blogger.

If I do my thing, first I used to think about what is a blogger website and how people earn money by creating a website, I did a lot of searching but my Pareshni nobody did solve, 

Then I made a channel on Youtube called Shivam Business Ideas which I made a lot of videos by making them,

But there was no video playing, then I decided to start Google Blogger, that I am a blogger with Youtube Site to pursue a career make I I had kept its own website on Blogger bought a domain bought.

The GODADDY me that time Rs. I got Rs. 599 which I connected to Google Blogger and started my blogging in which I customized blogger website, 

Now all of you must be thinking that I did not know about the blogger website then how I made my website on Google. I taught this to my friend,

Whose name is Dinesh Kumar, who does HTML coding?
Do you want to change your life from bloggers too?
change your life from blogger
change your life from blogger

If you want to get into your blogging with Google Blogger and earn millions of rupees, you want to help your family and show others that I am also doing something in life and say to be the richest among your friends then.

This Read the post all the way down if you do not read this post properly, then you will not know. How do you earn money from blogger if you read all this, 

Then you will find a way to do something in your life and you can earn money from Google sitting at home in life, that too for free.
If we talk about India and the USA, then of all the leagues that run the internet, about 45% of the people are making money by creating their website on 

Google Blogger, in which the people of our India come to the top,

All of them at least 1 lakh by creating their website on Google. Earn up to 50 lakhs. These are the people who were once like you, who did not even know what to do in life, 

But at the time, all of them created their website on Google and created a ranking,

Through which today they do much bigger business along with blogging.All this did not come from anything else, it all came from Google Blogger

As soon as the money started coming from Google website, the position kept increasing and today the goods of very big companies 

Wh. It is not necessary that you have all of them, they have worked very hard that they have moved forward. If you also want to proceed then read this post below.
How to start a Blogger.
How to start Google Blogger
How to start Google Blogger
If you also want to become a Google blogger, read this post completely, you will know that you can teach to create your account on Blogger.

To build a website on Blogger, you need to keep some things in mind, which will help you a lot in blogging.
1. You must have a laptop, tablet, or have your Android mobile
2. You must have a good internet connection which is also available on your mobile nowadays.
3. You have to spend an hour or two a day.
4. You should come to write.
5. You must have a Gmail account.
6. Must have a good domain.
1. Why do you have a laptop, tablet, mobile?
You have to have a laptop or mobile to do blogging, because if you have a laptop, then you can blogging very quietly, you can write a good blog,

From which you can earn a lot of money in the web search from a laptop, It is unbearable to do, you can do all day’s work in a very short time.

If you talk about the tablet, you can also search the web in that very optimally; the biggest thing is that you are very inept at typing. And it is very good so 

That you can do your work very unbearably If you talk about mobiles then a lot of people make so much money from mobiles that you cannot even think if you

Want to blog from mobile then there is no difference in the difference,

Only that laptop has a big size and mobile Small difference is there are many advantages of mobile, you can do blogging on the journey, if you are travelling too, 

Brother, you can do your work very easily. You will not even know of any a problem that your work should be done because you already have the habit of 

Running the mobile, you can do Google blogging and you can earn a lot of money, now read it below.
2. Why do you have to have a good internet connection?
Having an internet connection helps you to browse Google so that you can see the whole world and you get fresh updates. If I talk about today’s time, then in today’s time, 

who does not have the internet, is not part of the world. 

The country has no knowledge of the world, keeping this in mind, the internet has great importance in our life, we cannot do anything without the internet 

So that our Oi to the same Internet connection for survival is not necessary to have all today.
3. Why you must spend an hour or two in a day.
If you want to do Google Blogging. You can also do this part-time or full time, by which you can earn a lot of money and can rank your website in Google, 

No work is small, every big the event was ever small, it was also like you. They earn a lot of money by blogging part-time, 

they have good information and whenever they do any work, they do it with complete honesty and dedication, now you have to think about how much the time 

You give On Logging that May will speak if you can take the part-time in the Start Because then everyone joins a success not until he is not master in his field.
4. Why do you have to come to write?
Everyone is aware that this is the age of the educated people, but today we are talking only how to start blogging, it is necessary for you to write for the blog website and together.

You must also read well because as long as You will not be able to grow and write till then you can not do blogging, it is necessary to come to blogger.
5. You must have a Gmail account.
If you are going to create a blogger website then it is necessary to have a Gmail account because when you create your blog on blogger for the first time,

You have to log in with Gmail id, which is the same as your username, if you do not create a Gmail account.

Now, go directly to Google and search Gmail and create your Gmail account, you will see it in the image below.

create gmail account
create Gmail account
6. Why is the domain important?
To give the correct name to any website, a domain is purchased, which makes it easier for us to search your website like AMLESHGROUP.TODAY or.COM, .IN,.INFO in

This way you can go to GODADDY website for the cheapest domain and WEB can buy HOSTING. You can also click here by BUY GODADDY.COM

After completing the above 6 steps, you will now have to go to any browser on your mobile or laptop and as soon as you go into any of your browsers, 

You have to open Google as you can see in the image below, now you have Google I want to type blogger as soon as you search blogger, you have to click on the first link.
As soon as you click on the link, you will see some such interface in front of you as you are seeing in the image below.
Now you will be asked if you already have an account on Blogger, then log in if not otherwise create a new account in which you have to create your account by 

Looking at the image below. Have to verify with G-mail id and go to blogger again
Now you will be asked the name of your website as you will see in the image below, in this, you have to like the name that you want to keep the name of your website so 

That you can search your website easily in Google, in this, 

You can use your name or You can also, name any of your business.
After all, this is done, the options of creating a new blog

Will appear in front of you as you can see in the image below, now you have to click on create a new blog.

 create a new blog.
 create a new blog
Now you have to look carefully at the image shown below, you must have seen a new window in front of you as you are seeing. Now two boxes are visible in front of you,

Title and address, you have to give the total of your blog first, about someone you are creating a website, 

Such as information, news, jobs, online Earn money, shopping, you can make a website 70 

You have to keep the title of a maximum of 70 characters, more characters will not work as you can see in the image below.
Create Blog below.
Create Blog below.
Now you will see the address box below, as you can see in the image below, now in this box you have to give the name that you have to give the name of your website which 

You can give in your name or from your business. You can also give a link as if you are seeing in the image below, after doing this, you have to click on Create Blog below.

After all this, theGoogle Domain search box will open in front of you, you have to click on no thanx below, as you can see in the image below.
Google Domain
Google Domain
Now your website blog is ready, now you can write and publish posts in it. As you can see in the image below.
Now you will see some options on the left side, you have to understand all these options very closely as you are seeing in the image below.
Who knows about all these options once they are done? Because without all these options, you cannot work on your blog website. Understand very closely about all these, 

One by one, let’s know about all these options.
1. Post
2. Stats
4. Earnings
5. pages
6. Layout
7. Thems
1. Post

If we talk about the post then post 3 there are three types
1. New Post
2. All Post
3. Draft Post
1) In New Post: you can publicize by writing a new post.
2) All posts are visible in All Posts, in which your public posts and all the posts which have been inserted in your draft will be visible.
3) In draftpost dew options, you will see all the posts which are directly severed posts of your public.
As you can see in the image below
2. Stats
In the Stats, you will see an overview on your website, in which you will see four options as you see in the image below.
1. Overview
2. Post
3. Traffic Source
4. Audience
1) Overview: You can view the page views from today till today, in addition to this, you will also get to see the post, traffic source data through which you can see all the data of your blog website.
2) In this post: you will see Aj or tomorrow and all the time how many times have your posts been viewed, through which you will get views on your website.
3) Traffic Source: In this, you will know where people are coming from your website, India USA or from any country and to know all this, you have to go to the traffic source.
4) Audience: In this, from which country are you visiting your website and which browser and laptop or mobile is your blog website visiting, you can see all this by visiting the audience
3) Comments: have been divided into two parts, in which you have been kept in the police and spam so that you can keep an eye on the comments made by your users.
 Ø  These are the comments in which no wrong language is used and it is absolutely pure, which you can control yourself.

 Ø  Spam is the comments in which the wrong language has been used, all those comments go to the spam box itself.
4. Earnings

You have to set up your website to apply ads and you can link your website with AdSense so that you will have a good the income of the month, 

Which will be directly in your bank account as soon as 100 dollars, you will get a lot of Ready to earn money.

 In Earnings
 In Earnings

5. Pages
You will also get to see all the pages and published in pages, in which you can see all your pages.
In which you have to make four types of pages, 

Whose information you will get below, read carefully.
1. Privacy policy
2. Advertise with us
3. About Me
4. Contact Us
1) In the privacy policy: people who visit your website will have to keep this privacy policy in mind, which will be found at the top of your website,

Or you can also give the lowest, click on the privacy policy generator for how to make a privacy policy.

2) Advertise with us: you will find a form in it, you can give your opinion on it. To create Advertise with us, you can click on Advertise with us generator here.
3) About Me: In this, your blogger website gives information about whom you write a post on which topic you will tell about the same You can Click on About Me generator to create the page.
4) Contact Us: Anyone who visits your Blogger website with Contact Us, if he wants to contact you, he can contact you by filling

This form here and clicking on the Contact Us generator to create the Contact Us page, you click

6. Layout
The layout can set the theme of your website as a header footer, which will make your blogger website look beautiful and you can also place aids in everything, you can correct the structure of your website, for this you need to put your website on the blog the layout has to go

7. Themes

This is such a topic that is still worrying, but you need not panic because today I am going to give you 10 such themes, you have to do nothing, 

Download the below-given link and go to the theme option of your website. You have to click on the restore option and select and upload the Html file from your laptop or mobile, 

Wherever your downloaded theme is severed so that you can now You will find the theme, now you have to click on the Html option of the theme, 

After doing all this, you have to put ctrl + f together in the keyword of the laptop. 

Your find box will open on the top right side. Now whatever you want in your theme You can come and do everything, as you can see in the image below. 

For more information click here to do theme customization
Settings This is the most important option in creating any blogger website, because if you do not understand the settings properly, then you can write any good post or how good you can SEO, you can never get success. 

Will not rank in Google and you can not see any posts in your blogger website in Google, for this, you have to understand the settings from the sub-face, let’s see 

What to do in Settings The test is the know also create the need to give you a once in Settings life of your Blogger tell which of your website when Google Blogger
1. Basic
2. Post, comments, and sharing
3. Email
4. Language and Formatting
5. Search Preferences
6. Other
7. User Settings
User Settings
User Settings

1. Basic

Basic can see about your website and the blog has to give the exact name of the blog, in which you will be given the domain of your website in basic options only. 

For more information, you will get complete information with the image below.

1. Basic
2. Publishing
3. https
4. Permissions
1)  Basic: you have to give the name of your website, in addition, you have to give a description, in this, you can store your website information, 

Which when you search your website in Google, you can easily get simple information about your website.
2) In publishing: you have to choose the correct address of your website, to which we also speak the domain, here you can connect the domain of your website as you see in the image.
3) In https: you get 2 options https availability and https redirect in which you have to choose an option https availability itself, yes you have to do the same as you see in the image.
4) Permissions: In this, you can see the authors of your blog and can also change it, so there are blog readers, in this, you can close and run your blog website anytime.
2. Post, comments, and sharing

 In this, you will get the controller of posts and comments, in which you can decide how many posts you have to show on the first page of your website.

You have to do all these things, you can set here for more information, you can see in the image below.

Post, comments, and sharing
Post, comments, and sharing
3. Email
Email here, you can give your email so that all your visitors will be shown to them.

4. Language and Formatting

 Here you can select your language and you can set whatever time of your country is here.

 Language and Formatting
 Language and Formatting
5. Search Preferences
Here you will get to see four options, in which you will get the options given below. Read from here.
search perference
Search preference
1) Meta tags
2) Errors and redirections
3) Crawlers and indexing
4) Monetization
1) Meta tags: are a very important option, in this, you can give tags to your blog website in search of Google, as you can see in the images below.
2) Errors and redirections: you have to let this option remains the same, it is of no use.
3) Crawlers and indexing: This option is very important in this, you have to index your post in Google Search Console, it helps you to index every post in Google,

Click on Google Console to create an account on Google Console. See whatever settings are shown in the image below and set them well

4) Monetization: is the most important import option through which you can apply AIDS on your website and helps to earn money from your website, 

So whoever visits your website, you will get money in your Google Adsense to create an account on AdSense. Click on google Adsense account.
6. Other
Here you can delete your website’s data import & bake sub-blog and keep an eye on the activity of your website with Google analytics. Read below for more information.
1) import & backup
2) Delete blog
3) Ste feed
4) Adult content
5) google analytics
1) Import & backup: In this, you can import data into your Google Blogger website and you can also back up the data of your website so that 

You can start your website anytime, all the data of your website will remain severely with you.
2) Delete blog: In this, you can delete your blogger website forever, it will never start.

3) Ste feed: In this, you can enable your website’s blog feed, which will help your website to rank in Google more.
4) Adult content: In this, if you want to post an adult on your website, then do it yes or else leave it alone.
5) Google Analytics: This is a very fun option, in this, you can see the simple activity of your website, how many visitors are there on your website, 

You will know everything about your website, you can see it at any time on google analytics.

You have to create an account and the id you will get in it, you will have to put it in the Google analytics box of your website,

 click on Google analytics to create an account on Google analytics.
 Google Analytics
 Google Analytics 

-bidi-language: HI;”>7. User Settings In this, you will get general options and language in which you can create your profile and change your language.

User Settings
User Settings 

How to write the first post on the blog

The way to write a post is mentioned in the image below, please look carefully and understand, first Click on the new post and then you will see the option of the post title, 

You have to give the title of your post as you see in the image, 

Then you will You have to go in the box, in this, you have to give the first heading of your post, like I have given, see in the image below, then 

You have to give an image, mind you Do not have to do anything with your mobile or laptop, after that click on the image,

Now you will see some options above, you have to fill them all and you can keep the size of the image according to your requirements. 

After this, you have to give another heading as you can see in the image, similarly you have to write the entire post, after all this, you will be seeing the post settings on the right side.
How to write the first post on the blog
How to write the first post on the blog
1) Labels
2) Published on
3) Permalink
4) search description
5) options
1) Labels: you can label your website, what kind of posts are you writing like tech, news, mobile, etc?
2) Published: on In this, you will get to see the date-time, you will get the set already, there is nothing to deny it.
3) Permalink: can change the URL of your post in it, you can create any URL like your tech-mobile-phons- this way you can create URL, 

The more sort URL will be, the more it will be ranked in Google.

4) In the search the description: you will see a box in which you have all the keywords of the topic of your post, that you can place here so that

your post will come in search in Google, which helps you a lot in getting traffic.

5) options: you have nothing to do because we have already set it. If it is not set, then you can set it by looking in the image below.
Now your post is ready to be published, you will be seeing three options above, in which there is a severely closed preview.
You can publish your post; you can severely preview your post and close it.
Now publish and see how our post looks in the image below…
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