reliance jio set top box price

reliance jio set top box price

reliance jio set top box price

There has been long reports from India that Geo is going to start its Dish service soon and the set-top box has started selling in the market. There is a live logo on this set box, but this is not a live set box but all the channels are running free of this settop box and this set top box has many hi-tech features.

This one reliance jio set top box

DTH settop box maker companies are using Geo’s name to sell their settop box and these fake companies are putting a live logo on their box, so people think that this set of Geo launches the top box market. Will go. But this set works as a top box on DD free dish and there is no paid channel in it.


If you see a set top box in the market which has Jio logo, do not buy the set top box as a product of Jio because it’s not a Jio box. It is just a DD Free Dish Set top box and it has nothing to do with Jio.


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