moving in with boyfriend with my child

moving in with boyfriend with my child

A woman has told how her boyfriend went with her and her husband … only to end up in divorce.

Talking to Cutting, Ariel Greenberg revealed – after 12 years of marriage – she and husband Rob decided to have an open relationship.


It did not happen sometime after the birth of his last child, after discussions between him and Rob.
But, after the arrival of Ariel’s lover Mike’s family, couples, who have two children together, are now ready for a divorce – and he is going to marry Mike.

Explaining his unusual condition, he told – before starting a polygon relationship – he and Rob saw Big Love – an American TV drama about a man with three wives, nine children and three houses.

Ariel explained: “We used to love each other very much, but in the case of sexual compatibility, we were never getting the perfect match. I told them that I did not think that marriage was my new sexual curiosity. Was too big for me. “

So he started dating Mike, while her husband started dating a woman.

After two years Mike went away, where he and Rob were living – and later went with him and his two children, then six and eight

Initially, he was in a small bedroom away from the family, but soon moved to a big bedroom near the action.

Mike and Rob got well, Ariel said, and liked watching basketball together.
She said, her children described it as “a normal way of life”.

But Rob has now decided to step out and the couple intends to marry Mike and Ariel – but they will not be identical.

Ariel said: “People can point out that and say, oh, so I think non-monogami does not work at the end, or I think it ruins your marriage.

“Mike and I will marry soon, and I think people believe that we will now be united, because our relationship is so romantic.

“But no! We are not interested in marriage, which does not provide space for expression and work on other people’s attraction and move and grow.”


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