How to make money on YouTube without making a video?

How to make money on YouTube?
In this ARTICLE I am going to show you that there is a simple way for anyone to earn money and that is it.
Using YouTube and you don’t need to make your own videos to make really good money with this method.
What to do if you are a new YouTuber 2020?
If you are completely new to youtube, I want to make sure that you want to work on YouTube.
And I am going to show you in just a moment with my own YouTube account so that you can see some of the results that I am getting.
And so on. Basically about getting all the views of YouTube etc. and you can make money from YouTube in many different ways, but it depends on all kinds of ideas.
So the first way you can prepay with YouTube is to show the primary performance that is going on. There are other ways to focus on these videos,
Who explain your video well, but basically as long as you are getting interviews, you can show ads on your video sand,
Which can pay you as revenue from $ 1 to $ 20per 1000views from $ 1 to $ 20. Different issues pay differently,
So I am going to show you a moment how everything is fine, but as your channel is developing, you can get bonus revenue from recommending a finished product that you know to your supporter Huh.
Ducts, etc. etc. and you can use this model to make YouTube rich in all these ways, which is actually creating your own videos,
It is really very excited, I am determined to show you this strategy, let me log in to your YouTube account and I am going to show you fix some things.
How to make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube 
So this is a video that you can see here, this video of mine to get traffic to your website is really what I got from a $ 673 advertisement when I started it, this is the video.
Which I put in August. One thousand twelve hundred dollars so far and my channel is actually a very small channel so with a big channel that you know and as my channel grows.
I’m gonna make a lot of money. I wanted to show you this as an ability. You know that you don’t really need to create a big channel to earn a good amount of money from YouTube,
So allows simply bounce back here, in addition to I need to give you what I mean by this advertisement. $ 1 to $ 20 for every 1,000 perspectives. Fundamentally at whatever point, somebody watches a YouTube video,
So the owner of that video can turn on ad demonetization and if you turn ad demonetization on your video, whenever someone watches that video,
So you are paid a certain amount, which I will show you, what is really right so I am going to open this special video here right now.
And I will see what happens when the video starts, so as soon as I play the video you can see that in the beginning, an ad is running again, I am counting down.
In the event that I don’t keep this promotion, I can skirt the advertisement, in the event that I think over 20seconds of this promotion, at that point the individual putting this video is going to pay a specific add up to the proprietor.
Real video, when I leave the advertisement after the actual video, this video is fine for three hours of relaxing guitar music here.
And this video has been viewed 78million one hundred twenty-one thousand times so far, each of them 78million views Owner channel paid a certain amount in this special video uploaded by Music OK related to Yellow Brick Cinema Get,
So it can be worth a dollar and revenue per 1000views. It might be a little bit higher than what we don’t really know. Channel I actually make anywhere from like 10 to 20dollars per 1000 interviews but per 1000 views. But a dollar is probably the lowest.
That any kind of channel in any kind of niche is yes okay so can be seen 78 million times if we divide that by 1000 and obviously, multiply by one then this particular video is in this video.
A passive approach probably made about seventy eighty thousand dollars for a yellow-brick cinema for this channel, which is amazing for a video that obviously they do a lot.
More than that, this channel is really big, they have a lot of ideas right and when Iran is showing their name through the social blade.
So I’m going to show you in just a second that it feels like I’m here on social. I order
‘Only run yellow brick cinema so that channel that I showed you earlier through the social blade and as you can see every single day they are adding anywhere between two to three thousand subscribers.
Well on their channel and they are getting 800 to 900views on 700 thousand being superconductive now like I was showing you guys before being super conservative.
Even at the lowest end of the scale, this means that they are making anywhere from seven to nine hundred dollars per thousand dollars in advertising revenue per day,
In fact, it is actually very high. You can see that estimated earnings. Here you know that it can be several thousand dollars in advertising revenue per day.
I just want to make sure that you understand the potential with YouTube people. It is huge. You can make a lot of money. This is probably the best and easiest way for someone to earn money,
But there is a big problem that we do not like making videos that we do not like on the camera of many people. YouTube is very new to making videos,
Those who like to be on camera so as to bring us back to the real subject of this video, exactly how you make all of this advertising revenue without actually making your videos and that’s us.
Being covered here in just a second, first of all, let’s make sure you understand the basics, so it’s all about advertising ideas,
With this particular method that we are going to talk about today, which is called compilation, what I am in the way to show you how you can easily compile videos from existing videos.
You don’t have to create them from scratch, which is already on YouTube. You can just compile them into small pieces and put them together and you can do it ethically.
And legally fixing any copyright restrictions without breaking the law, so jump into a detailed example that I’ve prepared for you here,
So, first of all, let’s look at this search query and I have typed the guitar on YouTube and this is what we have found here that we can get all these results.
You can see that things related to the guitar are really popular. This top result has been viewed 78 million times so this video has probably made 78 or more than a hundred thousand in ad revenue:
The owner and all this is just music. Basically, it is just music. There is nothing else. This one has said that 15million views seven points seven million years. 3.3 million views.
So that you can see that a lot of ideas can be found in the general video related to guitar, it can be quite a good niche, you can set you the channel in many other different parts.
And at the same time, it can be a fun video, for example, you know that it can be things related to children, the top ten types of stuff can be.
But I just wanted you to be thrilled. Here is an example guitar, okay just to show you some possible types here so that you can see that like guitar music you probably know if I type guitar music again. Okay.
We will probably get many results. Many use it once again. Three hundred and seventy thousand views Seventy-eighty million views. This nine hundred ninety-nine thousand views have been considered over four million times this relaxing background guitar music, so it’s on YouTube There is no doubt it is a warm place.
If there is no question about it, you wanted to go after this place how you can make money on YouTube without actually making your videos, which is a million-dollar question,
So I’m going to show you here that I’m going to jump into YouTubeand do the same search so we’re going to search for the guitar once again but after clicking the guitar I’m going to open the filter and we’ll Go into facilities.
And we are going to select these filters which are called Creative Commons, so Creative Commons is only in the state when you join it.
Not heard before Creative Commons, Creative Commons allows you to reuse and edit videos in whatever way you originally want.
So if you take an attractive commons video, let’s just open it once again so that you can take all the downloads
These videos and you can compile them. You can probably mix. You can say 20 minutes of this video and then 1 hour of video and then you know.
That just mix the part of these videos together and then upload it again. YouTube will broadcast its own video with its own thumbnail and so forth on your channel and it will be completely legal because see what happens.
If I open one of these then you know YouTube properly and let’s just scroll down and have a look so it’s 9 hours basically, just music as you can see here,
It states that the license for this video is a Creative Commons Attribution License and states that reuse is allowed, so it is gold people.
This means that you can actually download this video and upload it as your own or leave it again as you write or if you want.
So that you can just take a small part of it, then it can be for one hour and may be of another hour to get some more great music videos and compile them in yourself. Our video so that it is different and unique from others and then upload it back to YouTube is fine.

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What does a Creative Commons Attribution License really mean?
So let’s read what the Creative Commons Attribution License really means, so marking your original video with a Creative Commons license I according to YouTube’s audition.
Conceding the whole YouTube people group the option to reuse and alter that video fundamentally by and by implies that you can take this video
And you have the right to reuse and edit that video and reload it as your own so that it’s very powerful. Make no mistake about it. It’s very powerful.
This means that you can take such videos. Who has this creative commons-license?
And immediately you have found your own video. You can do it in any niche as I said.
The example is fine here, so step by step confirm that you have understood this complete step by step process.
So step one here would be to find your niche so that you will notice that there are actually a lot of video types like we did. With the guitar, we felt that the guitar is a hot niche.
So we also saw that a ton of Creative Commons videos is fine, so like the guitar, I am really thinking about doing what you know yourself.
I think I am hoping that one of you guys might be able to take the idea that this kind of guitar relaxing background music sounds like a really hot niche.
You can get so many ideas that are cooked just for picking, then you will get an example video like we found that the original video is well here.
Here is a three-hour relaxing guitar music video, this is a perfect example of something that we can do as well because it seems that people are actually really enjoying guitar music.
So once you get a video that can be seen five or five million times. Then watch some creative commons videos and download enough video theories,
These are all creative commons videos that work in compilation with our example so that we can get a classical guitar from here, then we can download the best music for these three hours.
In order to download all these types of videos, organize them into videos of your step four software to use will be free Windows software to produce free Windows software.
And if you are right – I recommend more than 10minutes then obviously if you are into the music niche you want it to be at least an hour or more, but if you are in other trails for example.
Like how to lose weight or have some kind of funny video or maybe a sports video that you still want to go for more than 10minutes, because it means.
That you can ultimately advertise more on your video. Of course, you have to upload your channel, so you will need to upload your channel to your channel,
How to tags in YouTube videos?
So you will take similar tags. The second video you already know is successful in jumping me here and I will show you the example so that you can watch this video,
Which has 78 million views? If we are going for the same type of video. For example, we can make a video with two hours of relaxing guitar music, well you will take very similar video tags, Do not copy what you really know,
But take a very similar video tag that will ensure that your video has the best chance of ranking and coming up and they suggested the video or next or under the search results. Finally, you make a great thumbnail for your video Want to
What you want to do to make a great thumbnail is to see what other thumbnail people are using and order a similar style number 5: 00 hours or just make it yourself in Photoshop or Canva if you Those programs that are efficient are summarized.
So this whole process is all very easy. It can be easy for anyone to get started. There is no reason not to be amazingly profitable and it’s so easy to start together because the content is first Is for you only,
Now your profile is finished, so you need the fourth step, which is a few hours before the ad is approved so if your channel is brand new you will need four thousand.
Those that have accumulated, but don’t worry that it may take some time or a little time to get there, but assuming the average clock time for your video is just five minutes,
Then you only need 48,000 total views. Video to hit 4,000watch hours. If your clock time is high, then you clearly know,
If it’s like your average time of 10minutes or more, if you upload long videos, you need very few total views,
So once you can collect a total of 4,000, watch a total of four thousand hours on the channel of other people watching your video and you have one thousand subscribers.
And then you can apply for advertisements displayed on your the channel, you can enable ads and you can start making that money,
Friends, if you have liked our given information, then tell it by commenting and do not forget to share.



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