How can I get high quality backlinks in 2020-21? blog on Google

How can I get free quality backlinks?
What is the backlink: There will be a lot of questions in everyone’s mind regarding quality backlink, but it is also necessary to have all these things. Today we will talk on top of backlink why backlink is necessary to lane your blog on Google‘s first page. 

They do a lot of things every day to make them successful, but they do not get success. There are some people who do something new every day and learn new things. Slowly it starts and all the people of the world start 

Accessing the blog which earns them and such people make a very big blog by doing their

Blog every day, they make many ways to make their blog. One of them is the use of SEO, which is used in blogs to share our.

Knowledge all over the world. If we talk about SEO, then the biggest thing comes from a backlink.

If you are new in the field of bloggingthen you need to know what is the backlink. If you are old in the field of bloggingthen you do not need to tell us if you still want to know what is the backlinkand 

How to make it in our blog But what difference does it make you have to know about backlink, so today we are going to tell you about backlink

What is a backlink, how to make it, how many types of backlink are there Sector? Which helps your blog to rank high on Google page.
What is a backlink SEO?
what is the backlink
what is the backlink
A backlink is a link that makes a way to get from another website to our website when a link from one website page joins with a link to another web page, we call it backlink

Which is on the high rank in Google, which is visited by a lot of visitors and any page of that the website has a link to your blog page, then the visitor of that website will click on your link and Slowly, 

You will start coming to your website, which will rank your website post in Google and slowly people will start to know your website, this is called a backlink.
Now you must understand what is a backlink and now you need to know a lot about backlink

How to use backlink in your blog and how to get it in Google search. Let’s know
1) What is link juice: When the link of a web page is attached to the link of any post on your website or from your homepage, 

Then after reaching the link from there and reaches your blog, we call it link juice. 

This helps the blog to rank the post and also helps your domain authorityto grow.
2) What is a low-quality link: This link is a link that has been taken from any wrong website, spam sites or porn sites, it will get some money

In addition to the damage to your website, be careful not to create any backlinkfrom such a website. 

Whenever you are spam, create a backlink which is a high-quality link that will bring traffic to your website.
3) What is high quality backlink: This link is a very powerful link, which helps in ranking your website, you can rank your website in Google very easily, 

Which is a high-value website if you When you create a backlink from here, the value of your website also increases, 

By doing this your blog gets a high rank in the search engine.
Always keep in mind one thing, if you want to create high quality backlink, then on which website your blog is built, 

You will have to create a backlink from the same website related to it, if you have any other a low website like 

Your blog is built on technology and you backlinkshopping website If you create, then there will be no benefit.
4) What is an internal link: This link is a link that helps in moving from one page to another, 

Assume that if an article of your blogis ranking on Google’s page, then you will see your other article Can link with the article ranking on Google.
Friends, till now your go backlink is also known about backlink cases. Now know how many backlinks are there
How many backlinks are there?
The backlink consists of two circles, dofollow backlink and nofollow backlink both work and what are these backlinks, let’s know
1 # What is dofollow backlink: Above I told you about link juicedofollow backlink helps to pass link juice which makes way to go from one website to another, 

Whatever link is called dofollow backlink. All dofollow backlink is given on website or blog post.
The dofollow backlink helps the website to increase Google ranking in the search engine and 

Your blog website greatly benefits your website. You can use the below-given HTML code while creating a backlink.
 <a href=”Your website url“> link text </a>
2 # What is Nofollow Backlink: Nofollow Backlink does not pass the link juice from one website to another. 

Nofollow The backlinksearch engine has no value Nofollow Backlink does not help in ranking blog
Apart from this, Nofollow Backlink is somewhat right for the blog but you get traffic to the website but there is no difference, 

Your profile would be great if all your link would be dofollow Backlink, then Google will help you to rank your website very soon. helps
With Nofollow Backlink, there is a link to another website in your website where you do not like something, 

In such a situation, you have to comment on the link given below to the website so that the link of that website will not reach your website.
<a href=”Your website urlrel=”nofollow“> link text </a>
How to create a backlink for a blog website?
When a new blog is formed, it is very difficult to face a lot of problems regarding the backlink in front of it, it is very difficult 

To make a quality backlink for your blog and visitors are not able to come to our blog.
There is no limit for a backlink. You can create as many backlinks as you want to win, but the important 

Thing is that all the backlinkyou have created should be high-quality backlink if you do not do this and you are going to 

Create backlink and that quality If you do not have a backlink, you will not get any benefit. Google will never rank your website. Your saree will be useless.
Read below to learn how to create a backlink and share points
1) How to write quality content?
Writing quality content will increase the backlink on your blog and by writing good quality content in the blog, 

Visitors will like it and them get to learn something from that content, and by writing good content, your website will soon come to Google rank.
2) What is a guest post blogging?
If you have just started blogging, in such a way, whenever you write an additional article on your blog, after that you must make a guest post

You must be thinking that the guest post would be a guest post, we do those posts on websites which are very popular, 

It helps to promote your blog posts on those websites, nowadays it has become very popular, 

Every guest This is what you are posting and it helps a lot to make dofollow backlink.
3) How to create a backlink by commenting?
By commenting, you get a backlink nofollow, so visitors will start coming to your blog as much as you will comment on your website 

Related to your blog, and don’t forget to provide a link to your website along with the comment

By doing this you will get dofollow backlink and with it With this the rank of your blog will not increase.
Below, I have given a list of websites on which you can comment, download and make backlinks by commenting.
The backlink is very important for any blog, I hope in this article you have got backlink physique and 

How to make backlink must have got complete information. Now start creating a backlink for 

Your blog as soon as possible so that your blog can be ranked in Google as soon as possible.



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