Google relies on its research division in Google AI

Google will host its annual I / O developers conference at PT (10:30 PM) at 10am this morning. A few hours before the incident, the company has announced that its Google Research Division has now been redistributed as Google AI highlighting the company’s focus on AI. All of Google’s past research projects and Artificial Intelligence Efforts have also been moved to the new domain. Christian Howard, AI Communications Editor of the company, says that for the last several years, the company has been researching almost all the machine learning techniques and using it in its products and platforms.

According to Google, “To reflect this commitment better, we are uniting our efforts under” Google AI “, which includes all the cutting-edge research done on Google. As part of this, We have expanded the Google AI website, and are renaming our existing Google search channels, including this blog and affiliate Twitter and Google+ channels, and if you go to or to affiliate social channels Looking Kari, do not worry, it’s still there. Will any link redirect appropriately for the past Google Research website content, blog posts or tweets? “

The news comes after the company’s restructuring last month. The company’s Ai Product Development Division was separated from Google’s search platform and Google Jeff Dean took charge of this new division. The new Google AI homepage also reflects the first approach of the company’s head towards AI. Along with publication on topics such as health and astronomy, recent research topics have been highlighted on the site separately. It should be noted that non-AI research will still be done under the new Google AI brand.

Apart from Google, there is also AI on Microsoft’s AIA agenda because its build 2018 developers conference has a large range of AI-centered features and services. The company has announced Project Brainwave, which will allow consumers to use a built-in chip system for cheap and fast AI query processing. Microsoft will also use its connect gaming sensor in the AI-sensor device called Project Connect for Ezra and it will help the consumer using the cloud services track speed of the company and map the space around it. We are covering Google I / O 2018 and you can read on what you can expect on this event.


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