Google has not released a year after LG display rumors

The Seoul-based technical company on Tuesday filed a complaint with the Korea Exchange on the matter, saying that one year from Google for direct investment after the conflicts after receiving the LG display signals the steps broadcasting from the industry. Refused For the first time in the company owned by the alphabet, LG’s performance was considered to be some trillion won ($ 930 million) in manufacturing handheld so that the firm’s OLED business could be strengthened and the future of this is stable for the smartphone be sure to do it

LG still claims that its relationship with Google was strengthened in an important way during the previous year, which was the part of the Pixel 2 project, in which Launch Pixel 2 XL flagship was made last October, along with Along with its embrace efforts, Google Smart Assistant and Assistant in Television Set Smartwatch is hoping to be one of the first industry players to deliver smartwatch, which is a recycled version of Android Ware, with the wearable OS, last month received Android headline by ships The LG Watch launches a touchscreen combination with timepieces and physical clock weapons.

Pixel 2 series was created by both HTC and LG, although the number of Google $ 1.1 billion deal unrestricted access to the Taiwan OEM patent portfolio, which has given it LG Electronics has become one of the leading companies in the world. The company has recently announced the world’s first smartphone G7 ThinQue with dedicated Google Assistant Buttons, yet another indicator of its relationship with Google.


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